Statement of Professor Sarwar Danesh, Second Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the UNESCO’s 39th Leaders’ Forum (Paris, UNESCO Headquarters, November 2017)

  In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful Ms. Zohour Alaoui, President of UNESCO General Conference, Mr. Michael Worbs, Chairperson of the Executive Board, Ms. Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, Ms. Audrey Azoulay, Your Excellencies, Representatives of UNESCO state members, Ladies and Gentlemen; Hello to everyone! At the beginning, I […]

Statement by His Excellency Sarwar Danesh, Vice President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the 71th session of the UN General Assembly

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and Peace be upon our Master and Prophet Mohammad and all of his Family and Companions Mr. President! Your Excellencies! Ladies and Gentlemen!  It is my distinct pleasure to attend the 71th session of the UN General Assembly. […]

Press Release from Second vice President’s Office; Importance of Peace and Stability Should not be neglected

No doubt, “Peace and Stability” are complementary and integral part of each other. They are vitally important for Afghanistan and, hence, consist our top priority. Indeed, it is not possible to fulfill justice, human rights, role of law or promote social justice, balanced development and implement developmental projects without having peace and stability. Off course […]

After Mullah Omer

The death of Mullah Omar was confirmed. However, the date and whereabouts of his death as his legal status is still goes ambiguous and was not identified. It’s clear that Mullah Omar passed away and Taliban are surfacing from of leadership more than any times. Conformation of Mullah Omar’s death has opened a new situation […]

We felicitate the International Refugee Day

June 20th, was proclaimed as international refugee day by the United Nations. We honor World Refugee Day and we hope one day all our refugees come home voluntarily and with dignity and we do not have refugees anywhere in the world. Proclaiming of such day is an excuse to the world countries to express their […]

FICHTNER recommends using Bamyan route for a new transmission line on 500 kV level.

Report prepared by FICHTNER GmbH& Co. on Afghanistan Power Sector Master Plan (APSMP) indicates that: for the additional Hindu Kush crossing it is recommended to use the so called Bamyan route for a new transmission line on 500 kV level. The Bamyan route will avoid the narrow space and difficulties along the Salang Pass, will […]


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