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Fundamental Rights in Afghanistan

Fundamental rights in Afghanistan Author: Sarwar Danesh Editors: Mohammad Hussain Mohammadi and Abdul Shukoor Nazar Page designer: Hussain Sina  Cover designer: Ali Ahmad Ebrahimi  Publisher: Ibn-e-Sina Institute of Higher Education  Frist edition: Winter of 2010 Kabul Second edition: Summer of 2011 Kabul Number of copies: 2000  Publishing and print: Amiri Printing Press  Address: Ibn-e-Sina Institute of Higher Education, Kart-e- Char, Pole Surkh, opposite […]

The full Text of Constitution of Afghanistan

The full text of the constitutions of Afghnistan which includes ten versions of Afghanistan constitutions form 1301 to 1382 (1922 to 2003) is now printed. This book was published in spring 1394 (2015), by Ebn-e-Sina Publication and is currently available for those interested to read about fundamental rights and constitutions of the country. Points form […]

Afghanistan Administrative Law with new additions and edition

The book (Afghanistan Administrative Law) with new additions and edition has been printed by Ibn-e-Sina and Amiri Publications and is accessible for those interested. This book is available in both Ibn-e-Sina and Amiri Printing Press. Brief introduction to the second edition: A few days ago I heard from friends at Inb-e-Sina University that the book […]

Afghanistan Administrative Law

Afghanistan Administrative Law Author: Sawar Danesh Editor: Abdul Rahman Amiri Cover designer: Ali Ahamad Ebrahimi Publisher: Ebn-e-Sina Institute of Higher Education Page designer: Hussain Sina First Edition:   Spring -2013 – Kabul Number of copies: 1200 Print: Amiri Printing Press Address: Ebn-e-Sina Institute of Higher Education, Karte-char- Pole Surkh, opposite of Umer Jan Kandahari, Kabul, Afghanistan. […]


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