Second Vice President on Thursday afternoon meets Ambassador Michael McKinley, during the meeting the issues related to holding election, distribution of electronic ID card and other issues of mutual interest were discussed.
First the U.S Ambassador congratulated Eid ul adha to Second Vice president and to the people of Afghanistan; he also wished permanent peace and stability for Afghanistan.
In this meeting the Second Vice President informed about the presidential decree on both issues of holding elections and distribution of national electronic ID Card, he said a working group which is led by him has done necessary evaluations and finalized its work.
In a lengthy and incentive discussion we tried to consolidate the views and comments of both sides and provide specific proposal to president Ghani in this regards “said Vice President.
The Second Vice President mentioned that both holding of election and distribution of electronic ID card are of great importance for the people and government of Afghanistan and hopefully in the near future a final decision would be taken regarding both issues, and then the work of selection committee would start by appointing the new commissioners.
Michael McKinley U.S Ambassador while emphasizing on continued cooperation of U.S to peoples and National Unity Government of Afghanistan, added that holding of elections and distribution of electronic ID card are crucial for people of Afghanistan. He also said political settlement and understanding among leaders of National Unity Government is an essential matter for overcoming these two and other issues.