Mohammad Sarwar Danish, Second Vice President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, met on Saturday 30 July 2:00 PM with David E. Lindwall Deputy Chief of Mission U.S. Embassy.
H.E. Second Vice President said, the issues and challenges facing electoral reform and holding elections for parliamentary and district councils are resolved, and the election going to be held this year. He also added, although   some technical and providing full transparency  for election are still remained unsettled, however the major challenges have been met.
The Afghanistan’s problem not merely related to itself, but it is also interconnected with international communities, especially the United State of America as well “Second Vice President said”.
In this meeting Mr. Lindwal deputy chief of mission U.S. Embassy, while appreciating from cooperation of Second Vice President said holding election and electoral reform are very important for United Stated and we will be with peoples and government of Afghanistan in allover election process.