No doubt, “Peace and Stability” are complementary and integral part of each other. They are vitally important for Afghanistan and, hence, consist our top priority. Indeed, it is not possible to fulfill justice, human rights, role of law or promote social justice, balanced development and implement developmental projects without having peace and stability.

Off course it does not mean that justice, role of law and balanced development are not important rather it means that it is possible to develop an appropriate platform for their fulfillment in the absence of peace and stability.

Therefore, those who are engaged in activities which feed insecurity and instability by any reason, intentionally or unintentionally, support injustice and create challenges for the rule of law and balanced development in the country. Because without peace and stability, we cannot access to the fulfilment of the above issues.

How to achieve Peace and Stability? What should we do to make them happen?

First: The International support should continue from the government of Afghanistan. Without the support of international community, we will not be able to achieve and maintain peace and security due to ongoing negative and inimical regional rivalries. It is also promising to understand that the international community has renewed its commitments. On WARSAW summit, NATO and our other international partners voiced out their progressive commitments which set the Afghan government on an excellent position and also showcase that we have the trust of our international supporters.

Second: the Defense and Security institutions have to be quite professional and nonpolitical. Any interfering hand with political and ethnic motives should be cut off. Our brave national security forces who the mirror of our national unity should be supported and encouraged by government and people alike.

Third: At the national level there should be political consensus among Political parties and groups over important national issues. And also we need to strengthen our national unity, solidarity and also develop stronger ties among different layers of the society, ethnic groups and tribes. With discord and division we cannot reach to peace and stability.

Forth: All social fragments have to support the government and the government should also try to attain support of people. If there is a gap between people and government, our enemies will use from such an issue for their own notorious goals.

Fifth: Avoid from extremes and negligence. Throughout the history these two phenomena have brought our country and people close to edge of utter collapse. Extremism and fundamentalism are not only the indicators of terrorist and fundamentalist groups. But there are also other groups despite having appropriate appearance but are promoting extremism in the form of ethnicity, language or even justice, freedom and democracy. For instance some of those who claim for justice with the name of lightening movement, under the cover of empty rhetoric and slogans, permanently and systematically fueling ethnic and racial prejudices. They have also accused and insulted officials and prominent figures away from any morality and politeness. The elected and legitimistic government named national discord or national panic government by them, openly calling emotional youth and innocent people to overthrow the government and fueling insecurity and instability.

Some didn’t even have a single day companionship and sympathy with “Martyr Leader Austad Mazari” and even was opposed of his thought, now considered themselves as follower and thought successor of him.

There are also some people who are busy in revelry at western and European capital, without being aware of Afghanistan’s reality and national interest via Facebook and other social media calling for disobedience and uprising against the government. Exclusive of some honorable persons which has conformity with lightening movement, but taking into consideration the national interest, the rest are either quite unaware of the cases and occasions or due to admissible and inadmissible reasons have not come to power, under guise of justice slogans pursuing their personal interest.

We believe that the goals of lightening movement which is “social justice and balanced development” were accepted by all of us. At the beginning those who were in government raised the primary goals of the movement, and still pursue them. But achieving these objectives should not be in a manner that caused hostility between our nation, undermine our government, increase insecurity, instability and strengthen the enemies of this land or cause loss of positive achievement of the last 15 years.

Thus, in order to achieve to social justice and equitable development, we need to use rational manner “negotiation and ratiocination”. Due to critical situation of our country we have to talk closely with government official and authorities. Contrary to rumors among people, the leaders of the unity government more than any other claimant are seeking for social justice and equitable development. Therefor in central Afghanistan important transportation and electricity projects are under construction.

It is expected from all sectors of society and political groups to put the security and stability in their top priority and give primacy and importance to national interest more than anything else. Avoid form anything which disturbing our security and stability or being in the favor of our enemies.


Mohammad Sarwar Danish

Second Vice President of Afghanistan