On May 9, 2016 USA Ambassador, Mr. Mike Mac Kennelly met the Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh here in Sedarat-e-Uzma Palace and discussed variety of topics including conducting election, electoral reforms as well as transmission of Turkmenistan 500 Volt electricity to Afghanistan.

Meeting USA’s Ambassador, the country’s vice president said, we concern about establishing of gabs between people and government.  

Vice president also said, since establishing, the new system in Afghanistan (15 years), USA’s have been the tappets donor and support of Afghanistan; therefore, maintaining and strengthening this friendship relation is vital and very importance. Stressing, on necessity of on time conducting of election and electoral reforms, vice president asked international community to support in this regards.

In connection with transmission of 500 KVolt electricity project from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, VP Danesh said “Misfortunately due some governmental organs works a large number of citizens of central region are feeling have been victimized of discrimination and this issue caused the gabs between Afghanistan government and a large number of central regions citizens of the country. He emphasized that we are concerning about the gabs between the people and government and effort to have clear and satisfied response the governmental organs for protestors. VP added that national related issue the government must take decision in consider to social justice and balance development basis without any discriminations amongst Afghanistan citizens.

In the meeting vice president said as far as there is no any development project in province like, Nooristan, Bamyan, Ghor and Daykondi in country’s developmental master plan, the foregoing provinces residence are sensitive and protesting against it today while these residences have demonstrated the most civilized and peaceful manner and have never and for ever wants to remove or destroy the current system. He also focused that the demands of protestors are quietly civilize and are never and for ever controversial to other residences and citizens.  

While praising vice president for meeting, USA’s ambassador Mike Mac Kennelly, stressed on his country’s help to Afghanistan said USA government nevertheless; interfere about designing and selecting of the 500KVolt electricity project transmission route. expressding that USA support and funds those projects aims to be caused of stability, social justice and dynamic development of Afghanistan, the USA ambassador stressed on USA and international community’s constant and sustainable assistance in different fields including election to Afghanistan.