In the meeting that took place in Sedarat Uzma palace. The Charge daffier of Japan embassy said, his country is one of the biggest donor for development project in Afghanistan, and helping Afghan government in infrastructure development. He also added Japan is giving priority to fund those projects which is agreed by all Afghans.

Vice President Danish Said, We appreciate your continuous supports for reconstruction of Afghanistan, Implementation of development projects have significant roles in peace, and strengthening of national unity. He also added development project directly linked with stability and social integration in Afghanistan, therefor it is very important and necessary that it should be implanted based on equitable development and social justice in all over Afghanistan.

At end, the Charge daffier of Japan embassy said, we currently supporting many important development projects like “Toorghondi railway” in Afghanistan. He also added his country is willing to found only those projects which are supportive for bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan.