The death of Mullah Omar was confirmed. However, the date and whereabouts of his death as his legal status is still goes ambiguous and was not identified. It’s clear that Mullah Omar passed away and Taliban are surfacing from of leadership more than any times. Conformation of Mullah Omar’s death has opened a new situation that should properly be analyzed to use. The fate of the peace process, the new situation are the chances of potential conflict, as well as the status of the main parties and concerned countries after the death of Taliban leader calls to remind the following tips.
1. After Mullah Omar’s death, one of the issues that preoccupied the minds is the fate of the peace process. In this case, the position of the government of Afghanistan over the past years is more transparent and serious towards the peace. Because, in recent months significant movements have taken place in the peace process and it was decided that the second direct peace negotiations to be held in Pakistan. But it was postponed by announcing the death of Taliban leader. Clear signs of seriousness are the seriousness against pro-Taliban Pakistan to negotiate directly with its members and open the negotiations in peace and reconciliation process.
2. On the other hand, Mullah Omar’s death has created a new and more appropriate condition for Taliban than before as authorized, fear and absolute power were governed on Taliban while Mullah Omar was alive. The majorities of decisions were dictated by intelligence services and were dictated to him and the taken decisions were applied and integrate to others by him. But now the Taliban can easily decide to co-ordinate with political process to develop the county. If After Mullah Omar, they continue to drum war, murder, suicide and killing of Afghans, they will remain reverse from the trend because the people of Afghanistan will never give them another opportunity.
3. Pakistan as the most important and the main reference and funding source of Taliban movement, should take basic steps towards confidence- building. However, the peace and reconciliation process must be done without any interference from abroad countries. As far as Pakistan plays major roles in consistency and equipping the Taliban, must take firm steps towards confidence- building because Taliban is the groups that appeared not bounding on their commitments towards Afghanistan government. The first and only mechanism for confidence- building is cutting of military and financial support of Taliban. Pakistan can provide circumstances to Taliban to obey their commitment and through this mechanism Pakistan can play a major role in peace process.
4. Legitimacy and admissibility of upcoming leaders of Taliban will not be as much as Mullah Omar had. In addition to Mullah Omar’s death they are surfacing on public legitimacy and admissibility that could be accounted as their failures and weak points especially at the moment that every decision of Taliban is conducted outside Afghanistan. Mullah succeed to build an Islamic scenario to become the so called Amir through a range of Islamic scholars in Kandahar province while the upcoming leader of Taliban won’t have such a chance because they will not be able to establish a council of Islamic scholar (Shura-e Ulama) as large as Kandahar Islamic Scholar Council inside the country.
5. One of the major issues to be discussed is the mysterious death of Mullah Omar in Pakistan. Such an issue would represent the full support of Pakistan from Taliban and shows Taliban have no appropriate place inside Afghanistan. Mullah Omar’s death in a city of Pakistan and hiding this issue clearly appears that there is a linkage amongst ISI, extremists groups and terrorism. On the other hand, Taliban leaders die in a neighboring country and doing his funerals without any appropriate manner also shows that Taliban is in a predicament and difficult situation more than any time before.